Meet the Team

We are a small setting that operates with senior management and support workers.

We also work closely with a team of volunteers to create a nurturing and well established environment, fulfilling the needs of the children that attend. By doing so, we are able to offer smaller ratios and individualised learning opportunities.

Part of the Reggio Emilia inspired method believes that the practitioners are co-learners to the child. By having a team of educationalists along with volunteers we are able to honour this belief whilst personalising the individual experience for the child.

Of course, we value face-to-face communication too and our staff are always available at the end of your child’s session to provide valuable feedback. We also hold regular parents’ coffee mornings and other events where you can meet our team and other parents.

We are currently working in partnership with University of Brighton and University of Sussex, enabling their students to gain experience through placements with ToyBox.

Staff member Sara

Sara - Deputy Manager

Staff member Gemma

Gemma - Manager

Gemma has been working in the education sector for twenty years. She completed a BA (Hons) in Educational Research in 2018 and has over fifteen years experience in management.
Gemma has led research into play and inclusion with a special focus on Fundamental British Values. Her experiences include coordinating a chain of inclusion settings for children and young people with profound special needs, education and behaviour consultancy and leading play experiences.
Gemma has a deep passion for child development which extends to psychological theory, philosophy and policy. A keen reader, Gemma is often taking part in voluntary research. Gemma is an occasional writer and contributor for local magazines and papers.
Gemma is also a mother and says:

“Having my daughter has taught me how to empathise as a mother. You see past the role of a practitioner and understand all the unwritten rules there are in providing for another person. I have lived experience in what it means to hold a child centric approach. It’s really quite extraordinary”.