Our Partnership with Parents

We deeply respect the role that parents play as the principal carer in their child’s life and we want to develop a close working relationship with you so that we are consistently meeting your family's needs.

We value open, two-way communication, so we always make time to talk at the beginning and end of each day. Plus, you will receive information about your child's nursery day verbally, in writing, or through photographs.​

All around the nursery you will see documentation of children’s experiences and evidence of their work. We keep you up to date with events at nursery through our parent newsletter and our Facebook and Instagram pages which we like to share handy tips and create a sense of community.

Famly: Share Your Child's Day at ToyBox

We know that being able to be involved with your child’s care whilst at nursery provides peace of mind. Our parents get free access to Famly, which allows you to be engaged with what your child is doing every day.

You can see photos, videos and access written reports, assessments and observations on your child. You can also comment or message your child’s carers or a member of management.

Our parents love it and it’s also a great way for relatives, such as grandparents to also see how your child is enjoying their time at ToyBox.

Kids Playing with Lego